Papa Rogers Resto-cafe


Papa Rogers a resto-café for all ages and tastes. The name comes from the owner’s real name Mr. Raja and is sort of a nickname to him. Why Papa Rogers? Because he is the father of all flavors. Papa Rogers is a Lebanese and International restaurant that has a special variety of food to suite all tastes. At Papa Rogers we combine the best ingredients with the best ambiance to create for you a fine dining experience that can’t be forgotten. Our chefs are from the best elite of chefs and are always ready to prepare for you delicious food from all over the globe. Our servers are always at your service, ask and you shall receive and our motto is that the customer is always right. Other than excellent food, we offer you as well different events with an amazing ambiance and music to revive your taste buds. Both oriental and international nights will be held in order to accompany you on a journey of a lifetime. We even deliver to your doorstep so you can enjoy our amazing food from the comfort of your homes; all you have to do is grab the phone or simply order online through our website and we will bring the food to you. What’s more to ask for? Excellent food (check) – Excellent ambiance (check) – Good prices (check) – Great music (check) – Delivery (check) – Great service (check) ..
So what are you waiting for?